I passed by a mother walking the block,
Her flustered expression untouched by mirth–
She struggled to shepherd her three-child flock,
Four lives condemned to a happiness-dearth;
So young, that mother, to have endured birth,
Her still-girlish face betraying sheer youth:
Too common, their plight–a heartbreaking truth.



A carpenter hammers
And people well see
A house rising up
As plain as can be–

To canvas sets artist
His brush wet with paint,
And patrons might comment,
“That landscape’s so quaint,”

But to a poet at work
The world’s apt to sigh,
“You spend your time writing,
I’m curious: Why?”



Right through that door did she storm,
I begged her not to go;
I even tried, “I love you,”
She chortled that’s not so.

Her suitcase she rolled with her,
But left many things in place;
So every room and corner
Reminds me of her face:

A coffee cup with lipstick,
All the books she sat and read,
Our perfume-fragrant pillows,
That spot we left in bed–

Oh, that thought stings the deepest,
All the joyful sex we shared–
Just where’d she get a notion
That I never really cared?

Well, I’ll find some other woman
To move in here with me:
She’ll be much better looking,
For bed she’ll be ready,

And never will she pack and leave,
As did the prior three–
No, I’ll find a woman not insane
Who’ll live with me in glee.

Came Quick Death


Unrushed glide,
Swooping left, lolling right,
Piercing eyes scan calm water,

Sepia wings bat air once,
Breast like snow rides warm blue,
Drifting circles on the hunt,

Wings aflutter all at once,
Osprey, mid-air, hovers up,
Lurches over, wings cock back:

Raptor’s beak leading dive,
Violence streaking from the sky,
River placid, prey unwary,

Talons reach, feathers stretch,
Silver splashes catch the sun,
Wings of strength, calmly flapping,

Lifting osprey and clutched bluefish,
Shoreline looming, action finished,
In one instant, came quick death.